Electrical installation to power your van offgrid.

Installs start at $4,500 for a small system. The sky is the limit for a large solar & electrical power system, but most of our installations are in the $8,000-$14,000 range. We can build you a system that has:

• Auxiliary alternator with Wakespeed regulator for dedicated fast charging
• Victron components for entire system
• ~400 watts of roof-mounted solar, 360 watts of DC-DC alternator charging

• 1 year labor, 5 years parts, 10 year battery warranty
• CNC cut box to fully house components
• Safe, turnkey system, ready to use!

Of course, thats just one use case—your needs may vary! If you are interested in using different tier components, the price can go up or down accordingly. There is nothing as freeing as a reliable electrical system. It changes you conversations to "can we turn that on?" to not even having to worry about battery usage at all.

Lithium batteries have a lot of power density—that's a good thing, it keeps us all offgrid longer. But it's also important to think about safety. Ask us what some of our safety protocols are mechanisms are—we love to teach!

We also do partial installations. If you'd like just solar panels added, just a battery upgrade, inverter installed, etc; we can help!

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Prewired Electrical System photos:

Other Electrical & Solar Builds:

Offgrid solar & electrical is not only useful—its our passion.