Get customized solar & ELECTRICAL installation help for your DIY camper van build OR RV project

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HOW 1-to-1 Video Consulting WORKS:

Step 1: Book Time

Book time via Calendly. We don't schedule more than 2 weeks from today's date.

Step 2: Confirm with $25 Payment

After booking time, you'll receive a payment link to your email. Once you pay, the time is on our calendar and you'll be sent a Google Meet link.

Step 3: Let's Talk!

We discuss any questions you have! Once you've booked 15 mins, you can extend any call up to an hour total time.

We'll Answer Any Van Electrical Question.

Wondering how many solar panels you need? Not sure if your battery will last long enough? Maybe you're just curious how solar, batteries, and inverters work to provide you off-grid power. Ask anything!


We'll Help you Troubleshoot problems, Design Safety Solutions, and Recommend products.

Troubleshooting is a fine art. We've worked with many different brands of components, and know how to dig deep to see what the issue is—as fast as possible. We'll explain to you exactly what needs to happen next and how to resolve it.


We've Been Developing Solar & Electrical Solutions for Years.

"Hi, Josh here! I worked for my family's electrical business for years before going to college. Through college, I became licensed and did more on-the-job training. From there, I transferred that knowledge to building van/offgrid electrical systems. One thing led to another—I worked on friends' vans, and friends of friend's vans—eventually, I started a business!"