A van can be anything you want it to be. You can have whatever you want, in your van. A moto hauler? A family camper? A full-time dwelling? But true flexibility lies not in a van itself — but what parts you build your van with.

How you choose to outfit your van directly determines basic stats like GVWR, storage capacity, and aesthetics. But it also affects how your van feels a much softer science. We want our products to balance both of those categories. Because at the end of the day, your van is just a tool to get you closer — to nature, family, and to friends. But even if it's just a tool, it may as well look wicked cool (also, functional & flexible)

We design, engineer, and produce all of our components in America. Strategically, this helps build our local and national community — additionally, we can QC our products much more accurately when we're right in the thick of it. We keep it simple, light, and tough. Just like things were meant to be.

You can't know what lies ahead. By keeping our products as modular as possible, we give you flexibility in the future to add, change, or modify as needed.

Your van build might change over and over—that's why we make decisions that hold up for years, because life changes! That way it's easy for your investment in your van buildout to continue to grow with you, whatever your needs are. Our parts have flexibility and modularity designed into them.

And lets face it; killer style is paramount. If you don't look back at your rig when you leave, you're doing something wrong.

"Hi, Josh here! I own Outer Space Van Supply. My goal is to bring everyone the freedom and awe that I experience when my wife and I (& pup!) travel together in our van. It's flexibility, comfort, and adventure at the same time. We build & install solar & electrical setups, van parts, and help people with their van builds because we firmly believe that life is better when traveling in a van. Can't wait to hear about your adventure!"

We're always tossing around new ideas for what might work better. That's why feedback is highly valued — iteration & innovation moves everyone forward. Our goal is for you to be proud of your van — and because of that, we're focused on the future of offgrid mobile living.

Van upgrades to explore the final frontier.